el ray neon sign


RENO, NV (March 19, 2018) –– More than half a dozen neon signs from Reno’s historic West 4th St. corridor will be protected and preserved by Jacobs Entertainment Inc.

Following the acquisition and $50 million renovation of the Gold Dust West Casino in the mid-2000s, Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. remains active in the renovation of multiple properties in downtown Reno to better improve the image and aesthetics of the city’s core. Jacobs maintains a commitment to Reno’s historic buildings and culture, as evident in its recent preservation of the Nystrom Guest House and the Borland-Clifford House. The preservation of multiple neon signs continues these efforts.

One of the most powerful connections to Reno’s past can be found in the neon signs which have attracted clientele to properties throughout the city for the last 100 years. Many of the buildings that Jacobs is currently renovating and are planning to renovate contain these iconic throwbacks. These buildings include Carriage Inn, Donner Inn Motel, Stardust Lodge and Keno Motel. The preservation of every neon sign, regardless of its condition or size, is an integral element to these projects.

“Reno has such a unique history,” said Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. CEO Jeff Jacobs. “While we are contributing to its growth, we also have the responsibility of honoring its past. To do so, we are taking the steps to preserve these signs which mean so much to this community.”

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