Reno, NV (March 5, 2018) – Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. is in the process of preserving several historic homes along the West 4th St. corridor. As Jacobs Entertainment works to revitalize the West 4th St. corridor creating a mixed-use arts and entertainment district, the company continues to be conscious of Reno’s rich culture and unique history. 

Recently, the company secured and purchased land to be used in its efforts to relocate two historic homes: the Borland-Clifford House and the Nystrom Guest House. As part of the effort to relocate the two homes, Jacobs Entertainment will be filing demolition permits with the city of Reno. Property relocation falls under the demolition category.

The Borland-Clifford House and Nystrom Guest House are both on the National Register of Historic Places and have played significant roles in Reno’s history. The Borland-Clifford House, built in 1885, is one of the oldest homes in Reno and one of the only homes remaining in the area from the 19th century. The Nystrom Guest House served as a divorce boarding house, assisting divorce-seekers needing to fulfill residency requirements in order to begin divorce proceedings. The Nystrom Guest House contributed to Reno’s status of “Divorce Capital of the World” at the time.

“We recognize the vital roles both of these buildings played in Reno’s history,” Jeff Jacobs, the chief executive officer of Jacobs Entertainment, said. “As we continue in our plans to revitalize downtown Reno, we recognize how important it is to the community to preserve Reno’s rich history and culture. We fully intend to keep the integrity of these buildings as we move forward with our relocation efforts.”

The relocation of the two homes is part of Jacobs Entertainment’s redevelopment project to refresh the West 4th St. corridor into a $500 million arts, residential, and entertainment haven known as the Neon Line District areat. In addition, the project hopes to minimize poor, substandard housing conditions in downtown Reno.

“It is great to see Reno’s continued growth and we believe that the Neon Line District area will only add to Reno’s culture and overall spirit,” Jacobs said.

Following the city’s approval of the demolition permit, Jacobs Entertainment will begin the process of moving the Borland-Clifford House and Nystrom Guest House. The Borland-Clifford House is slated to relocate this March to a private property. The Nystrom Guest House’s relocation will follow in the summer.

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