RENO, Nev. (July 21, 2023) – Jacobs Entertainment’s newly rebranded J Resort, a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the heart of the city, is thrilled to announce the debut of their innovative grand digital art display, a groundbreaking addition to the vibrant art and culture scene in Reno.

Nestled amidst stunning natural landscapes and vibrant city life, J Resort builds upon its commitment to curating unforgettable experiences. The resort has now taken a bold step by introducing a state-of-the-art digital art display, unlike before in the region.

The oversized digital art display at J Resort is a captivating fusion of technology and artistic expression, bringing larger-than-life visual experiences to guests and visitors. This exterior digital art is displayed on a large 65 by 65 ft. screen on West 4th Street showcasing art created by digital video artists from Europe, Asia, and the United States. The current art playlist on the digital art display includes a live ink painting, mountain wave orbs, a lava lamp, and more.

“We are proud to introduce this revolutionary digital art display, elevating the art and culture scene in Reno to new heights,” said Jeff Jacobs, CEO of Jacobs Entertainment. “Our goal is to create an immersive and dynamic environment where guests can engage with art innovatively, fostering a deeper connection with both the artists and the local culture.”

The art display was just one of the new updates debuted at the ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place in June. The event highlighted the completed renovations of the rebranded resort, including two new restaurants, expanded gaming space, and completed renovation of over 500 hotel rooms.

By embracing this cutting-edge technology, J Resort aims to redefine the traditional boundaries of art appreciation, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a world where creativity knows no limits. Through a carefully curated rotation of captivating visuals, the oversized digital art display transforms the resort’s public spaces into living galleries, captivating viewers and stimulating conversations.

J Resort is also kicking off its first full summer events season at the adjacent Glow Plaza Festival Grounds. Marquee events will include Reno Latinfest; Reno Philharmonic’s Pops on the Glow; Abbey Road — a two-day celebration of the Beatles; and Reno Pride Pre Parade Party — expected to attract an attendance of over 1,000. Additionally, the site will host a country and western-themed festival, a Reno Jazz Orchestra event, several festivals promoted by regional promoter BASS Camp, and many fundraising events including A Night Under the Stars, benefiting the Reno Rodeo Foundation Rhythm and Rawhide. The Glow Plaza Festival Grounds will host over 50 event days this year, with a vision to create over 100 event days and attract over 100,000 new visitors annually to downtown Reno’s premier outdoor entertainment facility.

J Resort invites art enthusiasts, travelers, and locals to immerse themselves in their stunning resort’s mesmerizing world of digital art. Step into a realm of boundless creativity, where technology and art converge to create an unparalleled visual experience.

For more information or to book a stay at J Resort, please visit www.jresortreno.com.